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The four semi-finalists qualified directly for this, of the four losers, two went to the tournament, which was decided through a play-off. Through the Nations League, 3 countries will qualify for the European Football Championship. In 2013, France was visited by 84.7 million foreign tourists, responsible for 32.7% of the total amount of overnight stays in the country. France was placed in Group A at the World Cup, along with Senegal, Denmark and Uruguay. France, which had something to put right after the defeat against Senegal, ran into problems again after less than half an hour of play. However, payments by the association to the players, other than reimbursement of expenses, were traditionally prohibited. The most popular destinations in 2003 were the Eiffel Tower (6.2 million visitors), the Louvre (5.7 million visitors), the Palace of Versailles (2.8 million visitors), the Musée d'Orsay (2.1 million visitors), the Arc de Triomphe (1.2 million visitors), Center Pompidou (1.2 million visitors) and Mont Saint-Michel (1 million visitors).

The annual budget is 215 million. The airport handles approximately 70 million passengers annually. Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and is the second largest airport in Europe after London Heathrow. Orly Airport, also near Paris, is the second airport and plays a major role in domestic air traffic. Agriculture plays a larger role than in the economies of most other industrialized countries, partly due to the relatively low population density and the importance of the countryside for national identity. Unlike in many other Western countries, this is hardly controversial; Reducing dependence on oil imports, of which France itself has none, is considered important. The weeklies sector is strong and diverse, with more than 400 weeklies spread across the country and well-known titles such as Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris Match and L'Express. This means that the country has received the most tourists in the world, although they spent more in 2012 in the United States and Spain. As a result of the attacks in November 2015, which left 130 dead (the worst attack in France since World War II), many tourists canceled their planned stay in the city.

In 2020 and 2021, the number of foreign tourists in France was much lower due to the lockdowns due to COVID-19. France, as the defending champion, was directly qualified for the World Cup. France has an extensive rail network, including a network of high-speed TGV lines that has branched out from Paris in all directions and abroad since 1981. Defending champion France was eliminated in the first round. France is one of the world's leading economic powers and is the initiator of the G7, an intergovernmental forum of rich industrial countries. France is one of the major wine producers in the world. In 2011, the total turnover of tourism in France was 141 billion euros. 11.63 TWh, billion kilowatt hours.) The energy source was mainly nuclear, 83%. Renewable energy contributed 16%. At some clubs, however, tifosi can be found, a phenomenon that originated in Italy, where singing, flags, banners, fireworks, banners and grand actions are attempted to raise the atmosphere.

Gansdorp, in English Goosetown or Gooseburg, is a fictional place that appears in some stories about Donald Duck. Finally, colombia soccer jersey at the 2011 European Championship (second place) participation in the Games in London was forced. It was the eleventh participation for the country. ↑ Petar Musa (SL Benfica) debuts for Croatia. ↑ France does not register religion. Although the most visited country in the world by foreigners, tourism in France is primarily a domestic affair. France is a renowned country in the field of cycling, football, rugby and petanque (known in the Netherlands as 'jeu de boules'). France started the tournament without playmaker Zinedine Zidane, who did not play due to an injury. A result that was also achieved in 2001, when Colombia lost 0-1 in the final. In 2016 the tournament was called Copa América Centenario, in honor of the 100th anniversary of CONMEBOL. The final of the 1952 tournament in Helsinki was lost to the then emerging Hungarians. He competed in the 1948 and 1952 Olympics, winning the silver medal on both occasions. About 100 Mtoe of the energy was lost in conversion, especially in electricity generation from uranium.

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