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2 hour tour, $50.00 per person
 4 hour tour, $90.00 per person
(ask about group rates)

Junior (12 and under)
Senior (60 and over)
$5.00 off of 2 hr. tour
$10.00 off of 4 hr. tour

Ferry/Cruise ship Special*
4-5 hr. tour $75.00 per person.
Tour includes stops at The Museum of the Aleutians, WWII Visitor Center and the Russian Orthodox Church (if open).

*This is a land based tour available during the ships' port of call hours.

Rates subject to change
without notice.

Welcome to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, Alaska
via The Extra Mile Tours' web page!

Volcano - Click on image to enlarge.This tour company is locally owned and operated by Bobbie Lekanoff, an Unalaska resident for 30+ yrs. She enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge of various aspects of this island community, and does so with enthusiasm.  No matter what your interests are, Bobbie will go "The Extra Mile" to make sure your tour is interesting, informative and most of all, enjoyable.

According to geologists, the initial formation of the Aleutian Chain, including Unalaska and Amaknak Islands, began about forty million years ago. The volcanic action and movement of tectonic plates formed jagged peaks that seem to shoot straight up out of the sea. These mountains, some of which are volcanoes are covered with snow in the winter and a blanket of green in the summer.
The islands are home to over six hundred Bald Eagles, as well as several other bird species. If birding is your thing, a tour can be geared to your level of bird-watching. The Lapland Longspur, Rock Ptarmigan, and Snow Bunting are spectacular in their breeding plumage. One can see Eagles and/or Rough-legged Hawks nesting, or watch shorebirds foraging on the rocks and beaches, just to name a few of the possibilities.
The Aleutian (uh-loosh-un) Islands are rich in the cultural history of the Unangan (oo-nung-un) people, more commonly known today as Aleuts (alley-yutes). Bobbie has studied the local anthropology, and is married into an Aleut family. Combine her knowledge and experience with a stop at The Museum of the Aleutians and/or an active archaeological dig, and you'll get a pretty good idea of what life has been like on these islands for over nine thousand years.
Most of the road system was put into place during World War Two, which definitely left its mark on Unalaska/Dutch Harbor.  The islands were actually bombed in 1942, and there are still remnants to be explored. The views from some of the WW II sites are amazing. Learn about the different ways the war affected the area and its people. Your tour can include a stop at the World War Two Visitors Center if desired, or, of course, you can visit it on your own (definitely worth seeing).
Orchids - Click on image to enlarge. Where have all the flowers gone? Well, there are over 120 different types of wildflowers that bloom out over the course of the summer here, including about a dozen species of wild orchids. Bobbie can help a visitor identify most of them, plus you can learn about the edible and medicinal uses of some of them. This can be incorporated into a hiking tour, too, if desired (land use permit required, available upon arrival).
So, whether you're looking for a basic road tour, or you want to customize a tour to your interests, The Extra Mile Tours would appreciate your business. Please call or use the "contact us" button if you have questions or would like to book a tour.
Thank you, 
Bobbie Lekanoff, tour guide extraordinaire!

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The Extra Mile Tours

P.O. Box 332, Unalaska, AK 99685
Tel: (907) 581-1859, Cell: (907) 391-6171

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